2021 Videos

2021 Videos

Relive the exciting discussions and educative sessions from the Malta Sustainability Forum 2021. Check out our exciting list of videos covering our extensive agenda, highlighting the challenges the planet is facing, while reflecting on how we all have a part to play to find solutions.

Interview with the President of Malta

The Malta Sustainability Forum 2021 kicked off with a one-hour live interview with the President of Malta H.E. George Vella, who discussed sustainability topics with Stephanie Spiteri.

Ocean Plastic Pollution


Learn more about the challenges and issues caused by ocean plastic pollution and how this can be tackled as individuals, within businesses and at government level.

Food for planetary wellbeing

There are many aspects of sustainability in relation to food. Learn how your food choices and diet have an impact climate change, biodiversity and food security.

Pitching for GOOD

Discover how a number of organisations and businesses are promoting sustainability through their services and products.

The transition to a carbon neutral economy

Europe is aiming to become carbon-neutral by 2050. Discover how your business can face this urgent challenge to help build a better future for all.

Sustainability Reporting

Disclosing your business’s sustainable practices has its benefits, including improved corporate reputation. Our international expert elaborated on the matter.

Welcome message by Marcel Cassar, CEO APS Bank

Marcel Cassar’s welcome address stressed the importance of the Forum to APS Bank as part of delivering its purpose and the growing profile of sustainability on the local and global agenda.

How can International cooperation support Malta’s sustainable agenda?​

The United Nations are emphasising the importance of international cooperation to help achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. How can this help Malta?

Urbanism – The “doughnut model” a tool for transformative action

What is the doughnut model? How can it help create sustainable cities? Discover how its implications can be applied to Malta.

Leading with Purpose

Businesses no longer exist for the sole purpose to make money, but also play a role in making the world a better place. Learn more.


Having a balanced representation of women in decision making situations is beneficial. We have looked at gender inequalities in modern society and more.

Youth: Proposals for a better future

A panel of seven young change makers voiced their thoughts about how they will be the ones to bear the consequences of decisions taken by people in power today and what action they are taking to make a difference.