CORE Platform

CORE Platform is the National CSR Platform in Malta and is under the patronage of H.E. the President of Malta. The organisation, which is a member of CSR Europe, is made up of all the business institutions in the country. CORE Platform is an Educator and Enabler and is doing its utmost to encourage companies to use CSR as the tools to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission and main objectives of CORE Platform are:

–       To promote the concept of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting debate, awareness, dissemination and the activities developed by members and other parties searching for wide collaborations with local communities and with NGOs;

–       To promote exchange and mutual learning among all members and its associates, promoting a Forum of discussion and exchange of good practices, national and international by organising national and international events in cooperation with its members;

–       To provide, where appropriate, services to members and its associates in the areas related to the objectives of the Association;

–       To promote the development of innovative joint projects in all the areas related with CSR and sustainable development;

–       To develop and organise CSR Awards and promote events for their distribution, namely in the context of the European Awards recognised by CSR Europe.

Through the supporting of activities, CORE Platform will aim to develop stronger bonds between businesses, NGOs and communities. CORE Platform will support experiences of exchange and mutual learning amongst members and stakeholders at national and international levels.

The organisation has been involved in a number of sustainable initiatives and projects throughout the past few years. The most recent of these projects include the ‘National Action Plan on CSR for Malta’, which is a project aimed at setting up guidelines that businesses can follow when implementing CSR initiatives and more sustainable practices, and ‘Learn To Work Together: Cohesion Building Through Cooperation’, which is a project aimed at improving community cohesion by helping to bridge silos between various voluntary organisations, the business sector and marginalised communities. In addition to this, CORE Platform had also partnered with SOS Malta on ‘Resilient Communities’, which was a project aimed at promoting the concept of the SDGs among businesses, and creating networks where the local business sector, together with NGOs and government can partner and set up sustainable initiatives for the different localities in Malta.

More information about CORE Platform can be found on the organisation’s website (http://www.core.org.mt/) and its Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/COREPlatformMalta/)