GasanMamo Insurance Ltd is a household name in Malta, enjoying a reputation that is second to none. This strong brand by all accounts is one that has been earned through a long and proud history. GasanMamo Insurance is a Maltese insurance company that has been in the business for well over half a century.

Recognition for all past and future achievements goes to the company’s formidable team of management and staff that is at the 160 mark. Through continued investment in people and systems, GasanMamo Insurance takes on the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and optimism.

The company acknowledges its responsibility in meeting its obligations to society at large and acting in such a way as befits a good corporate citizen. The company actively participates at various levels in the micro and macroeconomic fora.

Day to day we endeavour to minimise the negative impact on our planet by taking several small steps to help such as avoiding using paper and printing unless necessary, not using disposable cups, offering free parking to staff who carpool and recycling all waste generated within our premises.

Currently, we are also supporting two very important causes.

Yanika Borg who is going on eXXpedition which will be made up of an all-female sailing crew looking to tackle the ocean plastic epidemic via citizen science and scientific research. In November 2019 she will be sailing from the Azores to Antigua over a 3-week period to carry out ocean plastic research. It’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic by weight in the sea than fish.

We have also entered into an agreement with Zibel, a Malta-based NGO and will be sponsoring the purchase of a Seabin, which will be installed in the vicinity of Manoel Island. The Seabin unit is a “trash skimmer”, which acts as a floating garbage bin skimming the surface of the water by pumping water into the device.

Furthermore, the company supports various entities in the sphere of national heritage, culture, sport, as well as initiatives of a social nature that benefit those in need.