Global Green Events

With 17 years in the international event industry Gayle Murphy (founder of Strategic Roots and Sustainable Eats & Treats) founded Global Green Events Ltd in 2011, to assist events and organisations to be more sustainable. GGE offers consultancy, engaged by umbrella organisations such as Arts Council Malta and Valletta 2018 European Capital City of Culture, DMC’s, and individual organisers to design and implement policy involving simple, easy to use solutions to make a difference, as well as on site management and programme design for individual events.

Working alongside the key players in the industry, the focus has shifted to create collaboration at national and international level, ensuring the event industry has a sustainable future. GGE travels to give trainings, motivational talks and workshops to engage internal and external team players and direct people on how to affect the biggest change, beneficial for their event or organisation. Facilitating stakeholder sessions, involving ministries, key players, suppliers and service providers, Global Green Events Ltd brings people together to create solutions.

Their new website includes an overview of the key stakeholders in sustainability, an event CO2e impact calculator and sustainable event showcase, a sustainable supplier product store, How to Docs and the ‘Successful Sustainability’ online course. This course is held also on the Strategic Roots Consultancy website, detailing the simple to use 5 Step and 12 Step to Sustainability Frameworks, for anyone who wants to implement sustainability, or has systems already running that are not working. This framework has been implemented successfully by Dr Juice, CarobTree Food Court, Festivals Malta, EC Meetings and many others. An overview of 10 years of sustainability consultancy, this course is a wealth of knowledge, from strategy, to systems design, to engagement, for anyone who wants to make sustainability a success. It is found at www.globalgreenevents.org and www.strategicrootsconsultancy.com.