MEUSAC is a government agency. The agency looks to keep citizens informed on EU policies and funding opportunities, facilitate a structured consultation process on EU policy and legislation, and assist NGOs and local councils in applying for EU-funded projects. MEUSAC also hosts Europe Direct Valletta, one of a large number of walk-in information centres found across all EU Member States.

Originally set-up as the Malta-EU Information Centre (MIC), it assisted in negotiations related to Malta’s accession to the EU in 2004. MEUSAC was then reactivated in 2008, before being formally established as an agency in 2017.

MEUSAC has always prioritised the idea of undertaking sustainable initiatives and doing its part in promoting dialogue on environmental issues. Such initiatives include supplying MEUSAC employees with sustainable glass water bottles, in order to encourage the use of less plastic.

On an annual basis, MEUSAC also assists with the organisation of the EkoSkola Young People’s Summit, which brings together primary and secondary school students to prepare proposals to Government on the environment. During such events, steps are also taken to ensure that minimum amounts of waste are generated, utilising recyclable cups and cutlery for catering.

MEUSAC is honoured to be collaborating with APS Bank in the organisation of the Malta Sustainability Forum.

MEUSAC – Connecting Citizens to the EU