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The main objective of the Malta Sustainability Forum is to raise awareness on the topic of sustainability, with the aim of empowering citizens to make conscious decisions towards a more sustainable life. Based on the success of the previous editions, this year MSF will be delivered as a series of afternoon events, online or hybrid as the circumstances permit.

MSF is organised by APS Bank as sustainability lies at the heart of the Bank’s mission, underpins its business strategy and is a core pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

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Fashion Reimagined: Rethink, Reuse, Revive

Join us for the first event of MSF 2024, as we shine a spotlight on the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry. This forum calls for a transformative approach within the fashion realm, urging stakeholders to rethink conventional practices and embrace sustainability. Through the lens of "Rethink, Reuse, Revive," we'll delve into the imperative need for everyone to shift their shopping habits towards reusing clothing and extending their lifespan through practices like upcycling, repurposing and adopting circular economy models.

📅 SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday 12 March at 17:30


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H.E. George Vella
President of Malta
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Marcel Cassar
Chief Executive Officer - APS Bank
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Luke Azzopardi
Creative Director - Luke Azzopardi Studio
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Steve Diacono
Network Community Manager - Ellen MacArthur Foundation
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Tamara Fenech
Sustainable Brand Strategist - Cosie Studio
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Kelly Pisani
Content Creator - Thrift.MT
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Yolande Svensson
Group CEO Executive Assistant and Sustainability/Corporate Marketing Lead - Hudson
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Matthew Swain
Head of Sustainability - APS Bank

Event organiser