About MSF

The main objective of the Malta Sustainability Forum is to raise awareness on the topic of sustainability, with the aim of empowering citizens to make conscious decisions towards a more sustainable life. Based on the success of the previous editions, this year MSF will be delivered as a series of afternoon events, online or hybrid as the circumstances permit.

MSF is organised by APS Bank as sustainability lies at the heart of the Bank’s mission, underpins its business strategy and is a core pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

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Affordable Housing Solutions

The third event of MSF 2023, centred around the theme Sustain Tomorrow Today, aims to raise awareness about the need for affordable housing solutions. Having adequate and affordable housing is a key driver and contributor towards achieving all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event will showcase perspectives from local and foreign experts, backed by research, and shed light on the current housing situation. A dynamic panel discussion will examine current affordable housing solutions in Malta and their sustainability. The session will conclude with practical suggestions towards future sustainable actions.

📅 SAVE THE DATE: Thursday 12 October at 17:30


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Jake Adam Azzopardi
Chief Executive Officer - Foundation for Affordable Housing
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Marcel Cassar
Chief Executive Officer - APS Bank
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Liana DeBattista
Chief Strategy Officer - APS Bank
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Charmaine Mangion
Chairperson - Housing Development Fund
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Brian Micallef
Executive Head (Policy) - Housing Authority
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Matthew Zerafa
Chief Executive Officer – Housing Authority

Event organiser