Morning Session

Welcome - Marcel Cassar, CEO APS Bank
Keynote - Hon. Minister José Herrera - Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development, and Climate Change
Opening Speech – H.E. The President of Malta, Dr George Vella
Reawakening Citizens’ Hearts and Minds: Living a Sustainable Lifestyle
The UN Sustainable Development Goals map out the world we want, and are built upon the pillars of sustainability: Environment, Society and Economy. Taking sustainability action requires a re-examination of our core values to align ourselves to who we aspire to be.
Alexandra Mifsud - Senior Visiting Lecturer at the Centre for Environmental Education and Research, University of Malta and Lecturer in Education for Sustainability at London South Bank University.
Panel 1. Implementing community change
Sharing the city as a commons: A sustainability transformation from the bottom-up
Urban sustainability can be achieved by citizens when they reclaim the city as a shared commons, unleashing collective intelligence and radical innovation!
Adrien Labaeye - Sharing Cities Fellow & PhD researcher at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Together we will save the world
7 simple principles to build unity through community and accelerate our transition to an inclusive sustainable future
Carl Pratt - Founder – Future Planet
Qaqoċċa: the hackers, the elderly and an artichoke
Alleviating loneliness within the elderly community
Kim Dalli - Corporate Affairs Senior Executive – Vodafone Malta Ltd
The Right to the Road
How to create the same opportunities for those that choose to walk, cycle or use the bus
Maria Attard - Associate Professor in Geography and Director - Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, University of Malta
7 steps towards a sustainable lifestyle at school, at home and in the community
Marvic Refalo – EkoSkola Officer - Nature Trust - FEE Malta
Case presentations, discussion and Q&A
Moderator - Rachel Attard – Editor in Chief – The Malta Independent
Lunch break
Panel 2. Sustainable business models, essential for our economic future
Going green
Sustainability is not a choice but a necessity
Charles Xuereb - Chief Executive Officer - Trident Estates plc
Uniting to make information accessible
Accessibility to information, education and tools motivates and empowers businesses to become more sustainable in their practices.
Fiona Hornstein – Founder – Action Planet
Business Circularity Insights
Understanding the various approaches towards achieving circularity with different business set ups
Majbritt Kristensen - CE Insights at Circular Economics and Co-founder at ACT
Bringing Purpose into Business
Whilst profit is important, it should be pegged to purpose. Profit for Purpose is what creates a culture of like hearted individuals
Steve Mercieca - CEO and Co-Founder - QuickLets and Zanzi Homes
Sustainable Fashion: Another trend or a Fashion Revolution
Understanding the business and consumer power in redefining the fashion industry as a force for good
Tamara Fenech - Sustainable Business, Brand & Communications Development - Consultant & Strategist
Case presentations, discussion and Q&A
Moderator - Gayle Murphy – CEO - Global Green Events
Panel 3. Changing Minds, not the climate
It starts with you
How we're doing in the battle against ocean plastics and where you tie in to our future
Andrew Schembri – Co-Founder - Żibel
Increasing quality of life through green technology
A green roof case study
Antoine Gatt - Project Manager 'LifeMedGreenRoof Project' - University of Malta
Sustainable rehabilitation in practice
Regenerating older properties while making them liveable and relevant to today’s needs
Antoine Zammit - Founding Architect and Urban Designer – studjurban
Multi-modality as an opportunity – Malta’s traffic problems/solutions
Malta today is facing problems with high traffic volume, deteriorating environmental conditions and public health concerns. Multi-modal transportation improves this, but what does that mean for the everyday life in Malta?
Nicole Klaesener-Metzner - Manager Project Aegle Foundation
From common sense to smart cents: Being sustainable in your food choices and actions
The food we eat and how we buy, store and cook it can make a difference to our health and to the global climate. There are several everyday tips you can follow to shop and eat in a climate-friendly manner.
Suzanne Piscopo, Home Economist and Assistant Professor, Department of Health, Physical Education and Consumer Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Malta.
Conscious consumerism
Raising awareness on how small changes to daily routines can lead to better sustainability
Zen D’Amato Gautam - Founder and Main Organiser - Eco Market Malta
Case presentations, discussion and Q&A
Moderator - Abigail Cutajar - Sustainability Management - QPML
Actions for the Thinking Citizen
Carl Pratt - Founder – Future Planet
Manifesto signing and coffee break

Evening Session

An APS talk in partnership with PwC

APS talk: Sustainability Leadership and Corporate Responsibility
The emergence of the “sustainable organization”; a new type of the modern business organization that genuinely and effectively integrates environmental and social issues into its business model, strategy, organizational structure and conduct.
Ioannis Ioannou – Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School
Networking reception