Goal 13 Impact Platform

Goal 13 Impact Platform

The Goal 13 Impact Platform (named after the 13th SDG) is an initiative led by 6 partner organisations (CBI, A4S, Chapter Zero, the Met Office, Dell Technologies and Deloitte).

The objective of the initiative is to build an open repository of corporate climate actions to facilitate learning and collaboration in the run up to COP 26. Each partner is contributing value in kind, and the repository will be free to access.

Information is gathered via structured interviews with organisations who want to tell their climate story; there’s no constraint on size, sector or geography. Our emerging findings report provides an overview of the platform, the questions we ask and the insights to date. The report can be found here: Goal 13 Impact Platform: Emerging Findings

We have reached out to c. 1,000 organisations and carried out c. 200 interviews and are migrating these onto the beta site which can be found here: https://boomi.to/G13. A video demonstration of the site can also be found here: Goal 13 Impact Platform Demo on Vimeo.

Please participate by offering an interview and helping us shape the platform to best contribute to climate action. Sign up via the platform or email us here: Goal13ImpactPlatform@deloitte.co.uk.