7 tips on how people of all ages can be more sustainable

09th June 2021

A few weeks ago, we got to learn more from Alexia Micallef Gatt, a science and biology teacher, who is passionate about educating the young, while incorporating the many different areas of sustainability. She has shared her 7 tips of how people of all ages can be more sustainable in their daily life and choices.

Tip 1

Remember that we are all responsible for the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…so our choices matter!

Tip 2

Think about your carbon footprint and how to reduce it. It’s not only about transportation or consumption of energy at home. The items we buy would have involved emissions in order to be produced or packaged or supplied to us. Think about little choices that involve less emissions. This can be as simple as buying local produce or taking boxes with you when grocery shopping for refill.

Tip 3

Reduce and Reuse…Before buying items try to ensure that there is nothing that can be repurposed at home for that same function. When purchasing items, attempt to choose items which have a longer life and could be reused.

All Ages can be more sustainable

Tip 4

Rather than throwing items which are still in good condition, donate them.

Tip 5

Where possible, go paperless.

Tip 6

Try to buy fair trade or products which have as little negative impacts as possible on the environment as well as on the community, which supplies the product.

Tip 7

Use your preferred way of staying up to date; whether it is social media, news or tv to become inspired how you can keep making little changes, which fit seamlessly and sustainably in your life.

If you would like to learn more about the work Alexia does and her thoughts on the importance of education in relation to sustainability and the SDGs please find her full article here.