10 tips how to make your bathroom a plastic free zone

24th February 2021

We have become so used to using plastic that we are not even conscious of it. A few swaps when shopping for your bathroom supplies can help you reduce the amount of plastic consumed within your household. The options and availabilities are always on the increase, and we encourage you to try out the below tips to make your bathroom a plastic free zone!

1. Bamboo toothbrush

Have you ever thought of how many plastic toothbrushes you have been through over the past years? Think of the benefits to the environment if you opt for a bamboo toothbrush, an eco-friendly alternative, which is fully biodegradable (make sure the bristles are not plastic).

2. Solid bars

Ditch the plastic bottles used for our hand wash, shower gel, shampoo and conditioners and go back to the good old-fashioned bars of soaps. These are more concentrated, so they last longer, and many times they come in cardboard packaging which can be recycled.

3. Microbead-free face & body scrubs

Besides considering the plastic found in the packaging of our products, we need to look into what is actually found in our products. The tiny beads in these products leak into the sea harming the oceans. Check the label and avoid products containing polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and nylon.

4. Washcloths

Stop using your plastic loofah! Each time this is issued, microfibre particles are release into your shower drain and eventually into the ocean. You can use a bamboo washcloth, a natural loofah or use a body brush to remove dead skin cells.

plastic free

5. Tooth powders and tablets

Many toothpaste tubes are not recyclable as they are made of a mix of plastics and a metal layer. Tooth powders and tablets are an eco-friendly solution and sometimes you can also find refillable containers.

6. Safety razor

The best option for shaving your face, legs or any other part of your body is with a safety razor. This is a zero-waste shaving option as you only need to remove the blades, which can be recycled.

7. Bamboo cotton buds

Our standard cotton buds cause so much harm to the environment. The stems are made from a particular plastic which is very hard to break down. The good news is you can easily switch to cotton buds with bamboo stems, which can actually go into the compost bin!

8. Biodegradable wipes

Many people make use of wipes, even though these are harmful to the planet as they are made with plastic. Switch to biodegradable wipes which are often made of cotton or bamboo, leaving plastic out of the equation that will quickly break on their own after use.

9. Plastic free menstrual products

About 90% of menstrual products are made of plastic, and they generate a lot of single use waste! The options for this type of product has evolved, including single use products reducing the plastic content, to reusable options such as menstrual cups and absorbable menstrual underwear. Check out the many options available to suit your preferences.

10. Get a bathroom recycling bin

Even though we are encouraging you to remove all plastic from the bathroom, it is important that any plastic waste generated in the bathroom gets recycled. Most people have one bin in the bathroom, for mixed waste, so a lot of the plastic being used doesn’t even get recycled. Waste separation is extremely important to reduce the trash ending up at the landfill.

Bonus tips for an eco-friendly bathroom!

Reusable cleansing pads – Use a flannel or eco-friendly face pad to remove makeup and cleanse skin, which can easily be washed and reused. If you use cotton pads, these require huge amounts of water and high levels of pesticides and fertilizers to grow, causing harming the environment.

Cleaning products – Bathrooms is where you clean up, but they also need to be cleaned. Purchase eco-friendly cleaning products or discover the many home-made solutions you can create to clean the bathroom without harming the environment.

We know there is a lot to do to help reduce the plastic in the bathroom, and changes can be made gradually towards the right direction. Changing your lifestyle to reduce your waste is a long journey, but it is important to always do your best, and to constantly learn about how we are harming the planet and discover the many alternatives available.

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