Fun activities to teach children about sustainability

11th August 2021

During the Malta Sustainability Forum, we have all seen how youth are the future of our planet and why education is so important. Here are some fun activities to teach your children about sustainability and guide them towards being the change.

Talk about “The Three R’s”

Teaching children about “the Three R’s” — reduce, reuse, and recycle — can be an excellent starting point for a discussion about sustainability. You can even play them the Jack Johnson song! Jack Johnson – The 3 R’s (Unofficial Lyric Video) – YouTube. Discover ways to eliminate waste, reuse and recycle items will help your children be more environmentally conscious

Separate trash at home

Sorting your waste with the help of your children is a great place to start with sustainability in your home. Make sure that your bins are clearly labelled and, of course talk to your children about which items go into which bin.

Clean up your neighbourhood

You can have a big impact by picking up a few pieces of trash in your neighbourhood. You could also organise a clean-up with your community. This will make your area cleaner and more beautiful for everyone!

children about sustainability

Start a garden

An excellent way to get your children outside and learn more about nature is to start a garden. There is no need to be an expert, you can teach them a lot even with a few simple plants.

Try recyclable art

The sky’s the limit with recyclable crafting. Consider trying to decorate your space with tin can lanterns or coming up with your own way to turn used materials into works of art, as it is a very fun activity to teach children about sustainability. Here are some more ideas to get you inspired.

Explore nature virtually

With the current pandemic situation, your travel plans may be on hold. Don’t let this stop you from showing your children some of the most beautiful landscapes around the world from the comfort of your home. Consider virtually exploring the Great Barrier Reef – AustraliaThe Amazon Basin – Brazil, Galápagos Islands – Ecuador, and other world treasures through Google Street View.

Ride bikes or take a walk

A lot of families still tend to drive everywhere even though walking or biking is accessible. Riding your bike or walking to close by destinations will help your family be more eco-friendly, save on fuel and good exercise too.

Spread the word

A final way to teach children about sustainability is to spread the word and get your community involved. Whether this means cleaning up your community with your neighbours or starting a carpool to cut down on emissions, together, we can have a big impact!

Now that you know everything about activities to teach children about sustainability, it’s time to put it into practice!


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