Actions you can take to help end hunger

06th October 2021

Current estimates are that nearly 690 million people are hungry, or 8.9 percent of the world population [UN]. Solving a worldwide problem like this one can feel overwhelming, but you can be part of the solution! To start off, take a look at our list of actions you can take to help end hunger within your community.

Research and educate yourself on the issue

First, you need to become more aware and learn more about the hunger situation locally and globally. Look into the agencies and non-profits who are already helping people in need and see how you can support them.

Learn more about the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation and the Soup Kitchen OFM – Valletta

Support local organisations

It is not all about money. Funds are a great way to help food banks and charities, however you can support them by volunteering to run these entities, assist with distributing the food, serve meals at soup kitchens etc. You can even help organise fund raising activities to gather money to purchase food. These foodbanks or charities may have access to purchase food items at a lower cost than you can, so donating funds directly to them may feed more people than doing it yourself.

Donate food items

Some food items are better to donate than others, such as canned or boxed items which are non-perishable. It is best to reach out to some local organisations to see what items they need most.

help end hunger

Fight stereotypes

Some people may have some preconceived ideas or stereotypes and think that people who do not afford food are not working hard enough. Of course, that’s not true and there are many reasons why people may need help. You can be a voice for them by educating people about hunger, its various causes and why it’s important to help tackle this issue. Also, over the past year the pandemic has affected many families in different ways, which could have reduced their income.

Buy Fair Trade

Fair Trade products are bought from producers at a fair price for the region. Indirectly, by buying these goods, you are also investing money in the communities to improve their lives, meaning they will have more money to buy food for their families.

Get your employer involved

Organise an initiative at work for regular food collections between staff members. Also, some businesses may be up to donation matching, so speak to the management and see if they would be willing to match the money or goods collected, doubling the goods for those people in need.

Hunger and food insecurity have several different causes, but you can be helpful at your own scale, starting with one of these actions you can take to help end local and world hunger.


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