Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags

27th October 2021
Plastic bags might be convenient and readily available, but certainly not environmentally friendly. As countries begin to ban single use plastics, it is time to consider more sustainable options that will help save the planet (and your wallet, in the long run). Here are some eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags.

Reusable tote bag

Nothing as efficient as a simple reusable cotton tote bag. You can find them in many different shapes, colours and sizes and even ones with sleeves for bottles and jars, keeping them in place while you commute. You can keep your tote bags in your car, backpack, or purse so they are always handy!

Silicone bags

They are a perfect alternative for grocery store plastic bags. Purchase extra-large ones so that they can hold full-sized produce.

Silicone stretchable lids or bee’s wrap

Instead of using plastic wrap on leftover bowls, you can keep your food fresh and protected with a silicone stretch lid. You can also purchase bee’s wax and jojoba oil-covered cloths, designed to wrap leftovers like cheese or fruits, and be reused for over a year with appropriate care.

Reusable cloth produce bags

Using a natural and reusable produce bag, you can keep your food fresh for several days. They are a more environmentally friendly alternative to single-use supermarket bags. You may slip them inside your tote bag for supermarket trips to ensure you have them when you need them!

Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags

Linen bread bags

They will keep your crusty loaf of bread fresh better and longer than paper or plastic. And they are way more stylish.

Mesh bag

They are an excellent alternative to plastic, can hold most types of produce safely, and are incredibly fashionable. You can also easily make your own with an old t-shirt!

Jute bag

Again, a fashionable and eco-friendly item. They are strong, inexpensive, widely available, and you can just as easily take one to work, to the store or to the beach.

Cardboard Box

If you forgot to take your grocery bags with you to the grocery store, look around for cardboard boxes, there are usually a few hanging around. Once you are done you can easily reuse and recycle.

Mason jar

If your kitchen cupboards and fridge are full of plastic bags, mason jars are an excellent alternative to store your food. They will allow you to keep your food fresh and can be washed and reused for as long as you need.

Planet-friendly poop bags for dogs and cats

Dog and cat owners often rely on plastic bags to clean up after poop. Trade these for biodegradable poop bags that will not hurt the planet! Now it’s your turn to say no to single-use plastic and hello to the eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags!



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