Begin your eco journey with ReRoot

16th April 2021

ReRoot is a zero waste and sustainable lifestyle store, located in Iklin and online, offering eco and plastic free alternatives to everyday products including bulk cleaning products and accessories, natural, vegan skin care and beauty products, homeware, bulk and specialty food, oral hygiene and fashion.

Reroot discount

We believe that anyone has the ability to make a difference. Whether its replacing plastic bags with cotton produce bags; carrying reusable water bottles; or only using natural hair care products; these little changes collectively are all helping to safeguard the environment. For example, every year the world uses 500 billion plastics bags. That’s approximately 150 bags for every person. If everyone living on this planet decided to replace these plastic bags with reusable bags, we’d stop 500 billion plastic bags from entering our landfills and polluting the world. It’s all about the collective effort and we’re here to help you on this journey.

Located in Iklin and online, the ReRoot team also offers home deliveries across Malta and Gozo.

*Offer valid for online products apart from sale items, beauty and homeware products till 16 May 2021

Reroot discount