Easy tips to be more sustainable in your kitchen

15th September 2021

The kitchen is usually one of the most used areas of your home. It is therefore important to make some adjustments so that you can be more environmentally friendly. There is no better time to change your routine than now, so here are a few easy tips to be more sustainable in your kitchen.

Separate your waste

The first key step to being sustainable is to reduce your waste as much as possible. However, quite a lot of different types of waste is generated in the kitchen. Look for items which have minimal packaging to minimise the items being sent to landfill. Check out our previously published articles to check what should be going into the recycling bin and how you should be handling your organic waste. Make sure to follow the local requirements published by Wasteserv.

Be mindful of your lights

Although lighting is a big necessity in a kitchen, it doesn’t mean it needs to be switched on all the time. Remind your family to turn off the lights when they leave the room and replace your current bulbs with LEDs. To take it one step further you can also consider installing timers or motion sensors.

sustainable in your kitchen

Use your dishwasher

It has been proved that using the dishwasher instead of handwashing uses far less water and energy and is therefore more sustainable. If you are planning on investing in a dishwasher or it is time to change the one you have, make sure to look for models which are certified as being efficient in the water and energy they use.

Use reusable bags for your grocery shopping

Make sure to have a supply of reusable shopping bags which can be made of cotton, hemp, natural cloth or mesh bags available for your trip to the grocery store. Avoid single use plastic grocery bags as they all end up in the landfill causing unnecessary waste.

Eco friendly cleaning products

Cleaning products are usually laden with chemicals, which are harmful to the environment. You can easily find eco-friendly alternatives, and you can even make your own with baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice. Here are some eco-friendly cleaning tips using these simple ingredients.

Conserve water

We cannot say it enough: don’t waste water. Avoid leaving a kitchen tap running while doing something else, and if you don’t own a dishwasher, wash your dishes by soaking them in the sink instead of using running water. Here are some other great tips we shared on how to reduce water waste in the kitchen.

Sustainability helps protect the environment, but it also saves you money in the long run. These simple tips to be more sustainable in your kitchen can make all the difference!



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