How to reduce your carbon footprint at the office

07th April 2021

We all have the power to make changes to help safeguard the environment, even at the office! Here are some tips on how you can be more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint at the office.

Attend meetings and conferences online

With the pandemic there has been a shift to hosting conferences and meetings online, to avoid the need to travel, both on a local and international basis. This trend should be continued to help reduce emissions from transport and air travel.

Getting to the office

More people are now able to work from home, reducing your need to use transport – however this is not the case for everyone. Have you thought about alternative means of transport, rather than relying on your car? Think of the added benefits for your health if you cycle or walk to work or use carpooling to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads.

Go paperless

Giving up paper creates an environmentally friendly working environment. Where possible opt for sending digital files and documents rather than print outs. If you really do need to print some documents, make sure to use recycled or sustainably sourced paper and set your printer settings to print double sided to cut down paper use by half.

Reduce your carbon footprint at the office

Turn off all equipment when you leave the office

To help reduce your carbon footprint at the office, make sure to turn off any office equipment you are not using from the switch, such as printers, mobile chargers and lights. Become more energy efficient by enabling the ‘power save’ mode, for appliances used intermittently, such as photocopiers and monitors. This will drain less energy when not in use.

Make sure your lunch is sustainable

Try to prepare your own lunches or buy it from someplace close-by. Think of all the transportation emission to get your food delivered. Opt for vegan and vegetarian meals using local sustainable sources, which are less damaging to the environment and beneficial to your health.

Drink filtered water

Instead of purchasing plastic bottles of water, which is a massive contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and plastic pollution, make sure your office has a water filtration system. If this option is not available, refill you water bottles from home if you have a filter or Reverse Osmosis.

Reduce your waste

Take your own mug and cutlery with you if it is not provided at your office. Stay away from single use items, which all end up at the landfill. Also separate your waste – if this is not possible, take your waste home and sort it out accordingly.

(Source: greenelement.co.uk).

Over the past year many have experienced changes in their working patterns. Many of the above are also applicable when working from home. We hope you find these tips useful!

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