RESTORE Training School: Regenerative Buildings
06th September 2021
Luca Caruso, Perit and Research Support Officer at Department of Environmental Design was a speaker at the Malta Sustainability Forum. He is part of the organising team of an upcoming event, RESTORE Training School: Regenerative Buildings, happening at Valletta Campus, University of Malta ...
Best indoor plants for improved air quality
01st September 2021
Aesthetics aside, there are many benefits of house plants, including greater oxygenation, as plants have the ability to convert carbon dioxide from the air into oxygen through photosynthesis. Indoor plants can also reduce contaminants such volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can neutralize toxins rendering ...
4 Plant-based burgers you must try!
27th August 2021
Burgers are a well-loved dish by many. We have decided to share with you these plant-based burger recipes, replacing meat with more eco-friendly ingredients which are better for the planet and also for your health.

Spicy Sweet Potato and Chickpea Burger

Ingredients (serves ...
How to be more informed about various aspects of Feminism
25th August 2021
It’s always so important to continuously educate ourselves on topics like feminism, which works towards ensuring equal rights as well as opportunities for women. Here are some pointers to help raise awareness on various aspects of feminism and how to make it more ...
Beat the heat with vegan nice cream
20th August 2021
No it is not a typo! If you have not heard of nice cream make sure to read on! Nice cream is vegan, gluten-free and healthy alternative to ice cream as it is made from a base of frozen bananas. It is the perfect dessert recipe to beat the heat this very hot summer.

The Base

You will need 1 ...
Easy steps to reduce your digital carbon footprint
18th August 2021
Something which you might not have thought about is your digital carbon footprint. Although the internet’s data is essentially invisible, there are massive data centres all over the world which process and store the information. All that data we use over the internet, including videos, messaging, music etc ends up ...
Fun activities to teach children about sustainability
11th August 2021
During the Malta Sustainability Forum, we have all seen how youth are the future of our planet and why education is so important. Here are some fun activities to teach your children about sustainability and guide them towards being the change.

Talk about “The Three ...

How to be sustainable when having a BBQ
06th August 2021
Who doesn’t love a BBQ? Have you ever thought how you could be sustainable when having a BBQ? Here are some alternative things you should think about before your next BBQ to make it more sustainable, less wasteful and enjoyable without a guilty conscience.

A good ...

How to Preserve Food at Home
25th June 2021
We have seen many statistics showing how much food is wasted (FAO state that a staggering 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted). In one of our recently published articles we saw how organic food waste can lead to ...
The 10 Best Books on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Living
23rd June 2021
We can all be adopting more eco-friendly and sustainable habits and lifestyles for the sake of preserving our planet. It’s easy to say that you will start being more responsible with the environment, but it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start. Here are the 10 Best Books on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly ...