Can we change the transport system?
28th March 2023

The latest National Household Travel Survey, from 2021, confirmed what we all experience on a day-to-day basis when moving around our islands: Malta’s roads are overflowing with cars, and most of our trips are made by private car. The travel survey showed how three quarters of all trips are done ...

Reconsidering Mobility
15th March 2023

Over the last decade, Malta has experienced steadfast economic development and considerable population growth, both of which have increased the pressure on the limited land resources, infrastructure and services. A critical driver supporting this development is transport, however, ...

The Pension Gap addressed during the latest MSF
29th November 2022

The recent conference organised by the Malta Sustainability Forum (MSF) clearly demonstrated the need for further reform of the pension schemes in Malta, in particular the second pillar aimed at occupational pensions.

The 2004 report drawn up by the Pension Reform Group had ...

Pension reform: why has it not made pensions adequate?
23rd November 2022

It seems like a long time since – as a journalist – I started writing about the pension reform. That is probably because it is: 18 years to be exact.

So much has changed over the decades since pensions had been introduced to the island: from an aging population to longer life expectancy; from ...

The need to bridge the pension gap covered during the latest Malta Sustainability Forum Conference
16th November 2022

A conference organised by the Malta Sustainability Forum highlighted the need for another reform of the pension system – to ensure that people have an adequate income for their retirement.

The conference was the third event organised by the forum, which was set up by APS Bank to highlight its ...

The challenges of pension adequacy and sustainability
13th November 2022

Over the past 70 years the life expectancy of Maltese and Gozitans has increased in a steady fashion, reaching the early 80s of today.

The quality of life has improved, and people are generally healthier and in a better condition than their grandparents at the same age.

From an ...

The case for automatic enrolment in voluntary occupational retirement pensions
07th November 2022

Despite the financial incentives offered to employers in Malta to introduce Voluntary Occupational Retirement Pension Schemes (VORPS) in their workplaces, uptake has, so far, gained no traction.

In tax base year 2021, there were only 1,685 members enrolled in VORPS – a mere 12.3% of whom were in ...

Can pensions be a force for good in the fight against climate change? 
01st November 2022

In November, APS Bank plc will be organising a conference on ‘Bridging the Pension Gap’. It is of little surprise for a major Maltese bank to be discussing the future of pensions in Malta but why has the Malta Sustainability Forum (MSF) been chosen as the medium for this conference?. When one ...

Accelerate for Water Security – Questions & Answers
29th September 2022
We had an overwhelming amount of questions submitted during the second module of the Malta Sustainabilty Forum, ‘Accelerate for Water Security’. We didn’t have time to answer all of them during the live transmission, however we have sourced some answers to your questions from Ing. Ronald Pace, Manager (Desalination ...
Addressing the national water demand in an increasingly sustainable manner
03rd August 2022

The Malta Sustainability Forum (MSF) event ‘Accelerate for Water Security’ was held on 23 June 2022. Liana DeBattista, APS Bank plc, Chief Strategy Officer summarises the main discussion points from the event. As ...